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Our Mission

The Giraffe Plan raises funds for Adam's 529 college savings by selling our brand's clothing in which all proceeds go towards his future.


Our Story

          Hi, my name is Wil Gurski, and over the past eighteen years, my sister Leah and I have been blessed with someone we know as a mother. She loved us as she loved her son Adam.

          Viola was one of those special people who could tell what someone wanted or needed, sometimes even before they had realized it themselves. She was particularly good at knowing when my sister and I wanted to go to the zoo. Every time we went, she would always get really excited about seeing the giraffes. They were by far her favorite animal; she even had a six-foot-tall stuffed animal giraffe in her living room.

         A few years later, I was brimming with excitement as Viola told me that she was having a son. Adam and I quickly became brothers, wrestling one and another, playing basketball in the driveway and Xbox when we weren't supposed to. He has grown into a brilliant young man with a heart like his mother's.

         A few days before turning twelve, his life changed forever. His mom, Viola, passed away due to breast cancer, but her approach to life's journey continues through all of the people she has touched with her kindness.

          My sister and I knew we had to do something with the wisdom she left us, and we had to help Adam out. Soon Leah came up with a brilliant idea to sell clothing to raise money for Adam's college tuition.

          We need your help; each sweatshirt you buy and every donation made will go directly to Adam's 529 college savings account. Thanks to a very generous sponsorship, all of the money we receive will go towards Adam's future.

          We are beyond grateful for folks like you who share our dream—the dream where Adam gets the education he deserves. People like you remind us of Viola, thank you.

Remember: Above All, Stand Tall